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    • Hey Richard I just bought a kayak and I’m not up for going out alone but I know well of Tynemouth beach / Whitley bay I’m also looking for a group or someone to fish with ?

  1. Hi,
    I am looking to start Kayak fishing I love cod fishing and also canoeing so I thought way not. I live near Ashington and Cambois and I was thinking is there anyone near me who has started and is willing to make contact and give me the low down on just how to get going.
    Ta Mark.

    • Hi Mark,

      There is a busy facebook group called Northeast Kayak Fishing that I recommend you join and post this on there. Plenty of people up your way and I am sure they will help you out. I can chat over the phone with advice etc but struggle to get out regularly at the moment. When I do it is very last minute. Please use my contact form with a number if you want a chat.

      • Thanks for your help I will join the Facebook group. I don’t wish to both you so I will have a look and if I get stuck I will give you a call. It’s very good of you.

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