DIY rear camera mount monopod for fishing kayak

I wanted a rear camera mount for my Garmin Virb so that I could record all the action whilst out fishing. The cost of some of the pre-built ones was excessive and wasn’t exactly what I was after. I did a bit of research and mixed together a few other people’s ideas and came up with this.

Rear camera mount kayak fishing

I bought a cheap extendable monopod from Ebay. I then took the camera mount from one end and fastened it to the other with a bit of epoxy resin. To this I mounted a flexible camera mount arm to allow me to choose any angle. This extends 70″ which is more than enough to get footage of the whole kayak and rods.

Kayak fishing camera mount rear

I attached a couple of safety hooks on elastic, one keeps the garmin virb attached to the monopod, the other keeps the monopod attached to the kayak. I’ve sprayed the whole set up with AC50 to hopefully keep rust at bay but time will tell.

I’ve only tried it once to date (see video below) but was happy with the footage.

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