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I’ve recently replaced my temporary fish finder battery dry bag with something more permanent that should last me a life time. The perfect box for me was a Pelican 1120 combined with the Index Marine Bulgin 2 pin plug and socket.

Peli 1120 with bulgin socket

Peli 1120 battery box with Index Marine Bulgin socket fitted

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I have just finished my installation of the Vexilar sp200 sonar phone fish finder. First impressions are very good. I just need to put it through some proper tests on the water.

Sonar Phone Fishfinder and Marine Charts

With the Vexilar T Box and transducer you can use any smart phone or tablet as a fish finder. Combine with Navionics and you also have marine charts.

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I recently wrote an article on starting out in kayak fishing and what equipment you need:

I’ve been asked a few times what advice would I give someone who is just getting into kayak fishing so thought I would write a post to cover my experience. There may be some difference of opinion on the web and there have been some debates on what is regarded as essential safety equipment so this post is purely based on my findings kayak fishing in the North East of England.

Below is a list of essentials to get started in my opinion. I’ll go through some of these in more detail:

Safety Equipment:

Personal Floatation Device
You will need something to help keep you afloat if you fell in. You don’t want anything too bulky that could restrict re-entry if you fell in. A PFD with a few attachment points is a real bonus as you can then attach your safety equipment to it such as your VHF. Two that I own and would recommend are:

The Palm Kaikoura:

kaikoura PFD Kayak Fishing

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I got hold of some lead pirks recently for my trip to Norway in April. All that was needed was to give them some colour.

They went from this:

Lead fishing pirk

To this:

Norway pirk kayak fishing

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I’ve made a DIY rear camera mount for my Garmin Virb camera. This simply uses one of the rear rod holders and can be extended to 70″ and placed at any angle. I’m really happy with how it has turned out.

Rear camera mount kayak fishing

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One thought on “Equipment & Tackle

  1. Like your web site and info/advice. I’ve been fishing since childhood kayak fishing for couple of years now.
    I use the weather forecast for my trips out from Seaham where I live, I also kayak in the lakes when on holiday.
    More fishing info photos and videos if you can .
    Thanks Alan Temple

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