Kayak Fishing Newbiggin By the Sea – 12-12-15

Myself, Dave, Graeme and Mark met at Church Point in Newbiggin for first light on the 12-12-15. This was the first weekend weather window in weeks so we were all excited. We paddled out past the harbour wall and headed North to a ledge that drops off quickly from 30ft to 50ft.
We all anchored up in close proximity and began bait fishing. It was a slow start so I started ground baiting with my berley bomb and slowly but surely the bites started coming. Cod began to feed but no big ones today. I caught half a dozen in a couple of hours and then the weather started to turn so it was time to head back in. It was great being back out and I loved every minute of it. I hope I don’t have to wait as long for the next weather window.

Here are some pics:

The paddle out:

Anchored up and waiting patiently:

This one slipped the hook just as I was about to grab him. Arrgghhh….does it still count? 🙂

A bit of action:

The average size on this session:

This one was a little better:

Check out the video of the session:

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