Newbiggin – Kayak Fishing 5th Jan, early start

Happy New Year everyone.

Nathan and I managed to get out at Newbiggin at first light. There was a small weather window before the wind was to build in the afternoon. We were fishing by 8am and had a good hour and a half in light winds and calm(ish) seas. We were getting bites from the very first drop (all small codling but kept me entertained).

The launch.

The sunrise and light winds that have been so rare of late

Nathan tethered up, keeping me company.

A few pics of some of the codling to follow:

The wind then got up earlier than I was hoping so we paddled close in to shore (300 yards) for another 30 minutes before calling it a day. Nathan had only fished 3 times before so was over the moon with his best cod to date. This was the only keeper of the session.

Nathan with a better size fish

The keeper.

A fun but short session. Back to work tomorrow so the opportunities are going to be few and far between but hopefully it will give it time for these winds to calm down a little.



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