Powder coating lead pirks

I got hold of some lead pirks recently for my trip to Norway in April. All that was needed was to give them some colour.

I bought some orange and luminous powder plastic coating and then set about working on the pirks. The luminous powder comes with a white base coat which needs to be added first.

lead pirk power paint

Here is what they looked like to start with:

lead pirks north east kayak fishing

lead pirks norway kayak fishing

When I did research on this most people used a blow torch. I didn’t have one and for a trial I was keen not to have to purchase one. I heated the over to 200 Degrees and placed the lead pirks on an old baking tray. Once hot enough I dipped them in the powder for approx a minute and then hung them on one of the trays.

oven heating pirks powder paint

I repeated this process a few times until it had a nice coating and the paint was smooth.

Once cooled I stuck some fish eyes on with superglue:

Lead pirk fish eyes

I then attached some assist hooks:

pirk jig assist hooks

And finally a muppet for a bit of added attraction:

kayak fishing pirk muppet

I also had a go at a 2 coloured pirk. Really happy with how this one came out:

Norway pirk kayak fishing

Lets just hope they do the business and attract some nice big fish in Norway. Fingers crossed….


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