Winning North East Kayak Fishing Competition – 2015

I entered the North East Kayak Fishing Competition today at Newbiggin-by-the-Sea. The sun was shining and the wind was light although there was a canny swell out there. This was the best turn out yet for this competition. People travelling some distance to enter which is great for our sport.

Fishing started at 10am and finished at 2pm. The fishing was good from the start. I only moved twice during the competition and fished with bait at anchor and had pretty steady action throughout the whole session catching over 15 cod. My biggest came in with only 15 minutes to spare and was just shy of 6lb. Fortunately this was big enough to win the competition. I was over the moon! This is the second year running that I’ve won the competition and cannot quite believe it! What a great way to end the kayak fishing year.

All fish were taken in less than 35ft of water. With the swell on it was clear that you didn’t need to head far out the catch the fish. They were in close. The biggest fish I caught fell to mackerel strip whilst anchored as close as I could safely get to a big shelf that had a good wave breaking over it.

I now have a lovely wooden trophy for the mantel piece and a new Sonik boat rod to try out. Thanks to all those that took part and all organisers.

Now for some pics:

Everyone getting ready:

Small waves on the inside of the sheltered harbour. These were considerably bigger around the point:

Keen to get out there:

First fish of the day:

Most fish I took were around this size:

Almost time to call it a day:

Plenty of swell out there:

A better stamp of fish in the last 15 minutes of the competition:

The winning fish:

One happy chappy:

Congratulations to Hoggy and Graeme who came second and third:
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Kayak Fishing Newbiggin By the Sea – 12-12-15

Myself, Dave, Graeme and Mark met at Church Point in Newbiggin for first light on the 12-12-15. This was the first weekend weather window in weeks so we were all excited. We paddled out past the harbour wall and headed North to a ledge that drops off quickly from 30ft to 50ft.
We all anchored up in close proximity and began bait fishing. It was a slow start so I started ground baiting with my berley bomb and slowly but surely the bites started coming. Cod began to feed but no big ones today. I caught half a dozen in a couple of hours and then the weather started to turn so it was time to head back in. It was great being back out and I loved every minute of it. I hope I don’t have to wait as long for the next weather window.

Here are some pics:

The paddle out:

Anchored up and waiting patiently:

This one slipped the hook just as I was about to grab him. Arrgghhh….does it still count? πŸ™‚

A bit of action:

The average size on this session:

This one was a little better:

Check out the video of the session:

My report – Geordie Christmas Comp and a PB cod

Sorry in advance for all the selfies (particularly to DT1 πŸ™‚ ). I’m loving the Garmin Virb camera with remote but I only have a mount at the front at present. I need to get one sorted for the back so you can just look at the fish!

I really enjoyed today’s comp so big thanks again to Jeff and Janet and all others that were involved in the organisation of a really good event. The turnout was good despite the freezing temperatures and it was a really good call to run the comp given how few weather windows we have had of late. It was also great to meet a few new faces.

We paddled out bang on 10am and all headed past the protection of the breakwater to be greeted with a canny swell. I thought this was bigger than the forecast 3ft on magicseaweed. There were some really ridable waves breaking on the reef just past the breakwater. I paddle surfed here years ago but have got lazy and just head to Tynemouth on my door step so will have to give it another go.

I followed the crowd initially to see them turnaround and head back in a bit. I soon realised why. The tide mixed with Northerly swell left a pretty confused sea state. A bit further in shore in around 40ft of water and it was just the rolling swell to contend with.

I got a Olympus Tough for Chrimbo so this was a chance for me to test it out. I’m more than happy with it so far. Nathan tethered to me keeping an eye out on the approaching swell. Now you see the kayaks out back….

Now you don’t.

Down went the first of the free tronix rigs Jeff provided (lost shortly afterwards!). The first cod of the session:

I then proceeded to get 4 small cod over about an hour and a half. Nathan was fairing much the same so we decided to move further in to shore to 30ft. At this point Nathan and I hit a great run of cod. They were about in numbers and feeding and they were a much better stamp than in the previous spot. I was using frozen blacks and lost a really nice hit.

I then switched to razor on the 1 up 1 down tronix rig and got another great hit (possibly the same fish). This ended up being the cod that won it for me at 7lb 3oz. This is also a PB for me so I was over the moon πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

It has been a weird (but great) couple of sessions for me. I went out last week at Tynemouth and beat my PB cod twice. I then fished the comp today and caught 2 even bigger code. Below is my 2nd big cod which went back to fight another day being slightly smaller than the one previous (again, caught on razor):

I caught a lovely red kelp cod at the end of the session:

Back it goes:

Nathan with his fishing rod prize πŸ™‚ Trying to look cool (trying… :D)

The trophy shot πŸ™‚  I’m really liking the trophy.  Very smart πŸ™‚

Still buzzing πŸ™‚ I’m getting seriously hooked on this kayak fishing malarky.  Thanks again to the organisers and hope to see loads of you out on the water early on in the New Year.