Evening / Night Fishing – Whitley Bay (mackerel and seals)

Hi All,

Andy, Kiwi (Nathan) and I headed out at Whitley Bay around 5.30pm last night with a plan to fish into dark and coming in around 10pm. Conditions were lovely, company great and fish obliging. I struggled to find mackerel in any real numbers this season. That was until last night. They were everywhere! I stocked up on a dozen pretty quickly for winter bait (and some tea) and then firmly put the cod and pollock goggles on. The cod were there pretty much from the off taking a fancy for the fiiish minnow and slug go worms. No real biggie’s. Largest about 4lb. The pollock were harder to find but I did get a good one only to lose it right by the side of the yak. Still, the fight was fun.

The seals around the island are getting more curious each trip. This time around they were being a right pest. I couldn’t fish my usual pollock marks as a result. I could see them on the finder right underneath me taking it in turns to shoot up to the surface!

The night fishing was less productive. Cod were happy to take squid and black lug but no real size. Last night session I had scorpion fish and octopus so always hoping for something a bit different but it was not to be.

A thoroughly enjoyable session.



Kayak Fishing at night – Tynemouth Long Sands (24/3/15)

Hi All,

Nathan and I had a go at night fishing at Tynemouth on Tuesday. We bought the lights and other bits a while back with a plan to head out early morning or late evening in the summer. However, we have really struggled to get out up this way for a long time due to wind and swell so saw a light wind and small swell forecast on Tuesday night and just went for it. We got to Tynemouth for 7:30pm.  Pics are quite poor quality.  I need to work out how to take effective night shots as I’m pretty sure I had it on the wrong settings. 

Setting up ready for launch (a little apprehensive at this point):

We headed out to a mark that was good to me a couple of months ago. It isn’t far which was a good call for our first night outing. There was a little more swell than I was expecting but nothing to cause any problem. The only thing was you couldn’t see the lines until they were underneath you. That took a bit of getting use to.

We were fishing with blacks and squid. I ground baited a bit and soon had the first bite.

First rattle of the rod tip led to this little coal fish. That was the blank prevented.

We then had a long gap between bites so a bit more ground baiting.

A few more little rattles missed and then a nice familiar clonk. A small cod came up:

By this point we had been out for a couple of hours. The fishing was very slow and the temperature had dropped considerably. The sky was clear but did make for excellent star gazing. The frequent blast of light from the Tynemouth lighthouse glittering across the water was also pretty cool.

By 10pm we decided it was time to head in. The fishing was poor but the experience was thoroughly enjoyable and something I will definitely do again. It has been the only way I’ve been able to get out over the last 6 weeks so needs must and I feel like I’ve had my fix to get me through.

Posing after landing:

Nathan looked pretty cold by this point:

Hopefully I’ll be reporting bigger and better catches soon.