Searching for Flounder – River Wansbeck

Dave and I needed a fix and with the constant howling winds the normal spots were out of the question. Spurred on by ‘Lofty’ and his flounder report Dave and I headed out just inside the mouth of the river Wansbeck armed with float rigs. It was pretty windy but the spot was very sheltered. The fishing was disappointing to say the least. If it was a crab contest, we would have done very well! They were onto the ledgered baits very quickly. They even managed to get on to some of the float fished baits that we trotted down stream. Neither of us had as much as a bit. I cannot remember the last time I blanked and cannot ever remember Dave blanking. Still, it was good fun and somewhere that I’ll try again so I can redeem myself 🙂 The winds continue to be gusting over 40mph so it may be the only option for a while. It was so windy on our return that my kayak was moving whilst laying on the ground.

A couple of ‘no fish’ pics:

All ready to go:

The paddle:

Hopefully next time there will be pics of flounder….