Vexilar Sonarphone T-Box Update

I’m really loving the Vexilar sonarphone T-Box with navionics mobile phone app. My previous threads on the installation and set up can be found at:

This post is more of an update on how things have been going. I initially planned to hold the phone and look at is as and when needed. However, I’ve spent more money and now have a railblaza phone mount which works really well. What I love the most is the live updates. As I paddle over a spot I watch my chart change immediately and get stored for future reference. This really is a nice feature that is going to help me find and re-visit those marks that might hold fish.

Battery life on the phone continues to be adequate for a morning session but you would struggle if out all day. This is the only real disadvantage I can see with the set up.


The new mount for the phone:
railblaza mobile phone mount

Close up of the split screen fish finder and plotter:
Vexilar T-Box sonarphone view

The clever bit. Here you can see the area that I have just been over. It shows how much extra detail is actually underneath you compared to the original chart:
Vexilar Live Chart Update 1 Kayak

More here:
Vexilar Live Chart Update 2 Kayak

Looking forward to more sessions with the vexilar.